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I am the absolute WORST at keeping secrets.  Not deep interpersonal “please don’t tell anyone” secrets, but rather those exciting-fun-surprise-happy secrets.  (During the holidays, in one breath I’m like: “I got you a present – You can’t open it – Wanna know what it is? – OK I’ll tell – Don’t wanna know? – Whatever – OPEN IT!”)  So needless to say, I DIED trying to keep my mouth shut, but thank God, the news is finally out and I can breathe again.


Hallmark’s video-on-demand service, Feelnhas revived the much loved 80s cartoon “Rainbow Brite” and given her a fresh, new look.  The new “Rainbow Brite” features Emily Osment as Rainbow and Molly Ringwald as Dark Princess (who we meet in episode two).  And…

Guess whose singing the new Rainbow Brite theme song?!  ME!  Yay!  Everyone celebrate!


Whoa, that’s random.  Yes, yes it is.  But it’s also super cool.

I can’t believe I recorded lead vocals for the NEW Rainbow Brite theme song!  It was so much fun.  I’m thrilled.  I have always loved “Rainbow Brite” so it’s really exciting to now become a part of this beloved show.

The New Rainbow Brite Theme Song ROCKS!

While still just as cute and sweet as before, the new Rainbow Brite is also independent and fun.  Feeln was very clear about not wanting a “Disney Princess” type of song.  Instead, they asked for an “edgy” youthful, punk rock sound… with a touch of sweetness.

Songwriting super team Rachael Lawrence Douglass (composer) and Deborah Ellen Guttman (lyricist) wrote a killer song that truly captures the essence of the new Rainbow Brite: sassy and fierce.

I wish I could share the entire song with you (more news coming soon… wink, wink), but for now, you can hear some of the song throughout the new “Rainbow Brite” trailer.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts below!  Would you be interested in hearing (or having) the full version of the “Rainbow Brite” theme song?  Let me know!

Hope you have a fantastic day!