Hi, I’m Elizabeth Braun.  I’m an actor.  I’m really into yoga.  I’m a dog lover and an occasional smart ass.  I love singing.  I play the ukulele and am learning the guitar.  I love homemade gluten free pizza because it’s delicious and you can eat the whole thing.  I’m a self-help book junkie.  (Brene Brown is ah-mah-zing.)  I laugh at my own jokes and am not ashamed.  I currently live in DTLA (before it was cool) and have a Maltese named Gabby who’s really a ninja.  I love comedy and am really into Improv and study at UCB.  I’m extremely competitive when it comes to team sports and trivia games… I’m lethal at Ellen’s “Heads Up!” app and flip cup.  Otherwise I’m pretty mellow about “the things that matter in life” and am all about living in the moment.  I believe we can have it all.  It’s all possible.  I love my life.  I love you.

I graduated from USC with degrees in Theatre Acting & Communications in the Entertainment Industry (with an accidental almost minor in Russian Lit because I’m a big nerd for all things tragically romantic).  I had conservatory training at BADA in London, scene study with Howard Fine, and Improv at The Second City and UCB.  My origin is musical theater.  Study voice with Rachael Lawrence and Seth Riggs.  Worked with Tony Award winner Jason Robert Brown and icons including: Jason Alexander, Marilu Henner, Gary Sinese, Barry Levinson, and the late Blake Edwards…


Actress, Writer, Singer, Yogi, Dog Lover, and a funny smart ass chick from Texas living in LA.  High five.

“A combustible blend of confidence and vulnerability… a sort of endangered species, a Brainy Bombshell.”


My number one mission is to live creatively and tell stories that inspire others to live passionate lives.  My favorite thing in the whole world is working in an ensemble with inspired directors.

Overall, I tend to play gutsy and fearlessly passionate, driven woman with an underlying vulnerability.

In comedy, I have a knack for the loveable alpha-bitch, the sweet, sassy, smart-assy funny “Mean Girl”, the blonde Republican sex kitten, and the slightly neurotic overachieving Type-A perfectionist.

In drama, I play women who are masters of their own intelligence and sexuality, yet all the while, completely romantic and fragile… intense yet playful, delicate yet fearless (aka sophisticated train wrecks).


Now that you know what I do, let me help you understand why I do it by offering a quick glimpse into my painful childhood.  I grew up in Texas and around a lot of boys which teaches you to fight for what you want, suck it up, be tough, yet maintain that soft feminine quality and complex only Southern women possess… and embrace it.  It’s all very exhausting.

And like most elementary school kids, compelled and inspired by the stories of 19th-century prostitutes and revolutionaries, I memorized Les Miserables – the entire score, every vocal part, from start to finish.  (We didn’t have cable.)  And with that, my one-woman show began…

Before previews, I generously allowed a few open rehearsals for stuffed animals and half-naked Barbies.  Tony buzz was building, but in the end, the racy direction was misinterpreted and the casting against type proved too avant-garde and risqué for some shortsighted audience members who just couldn’t accept a little girl playing Valjean and Javert simultaneously.  It was before its time.  Every show hopes for an open-ended run, but in the end, my one-woman show of Les Miz closed opening weekend due to scheduling conflicts with my soccer game.

Otherwise, I was an AP student… got good grades… English was one of my favorite subjects… but I suck at spelling.  I’ve never been one to suffer from stage fright, but if I have to spell something out load, I’d probably die – DIE!  But fortunately for people like me, there are things like AutoCorrect.  However, there’s no Autocorrect in the spelling-out-loud-world.


I believe art is the most important thing in the world.  Without it, we’d all be robots.  Robots who are really good at spelling.  I believe the art of storytelling can change peoples’ lives.  I love acting and am blessed to pursue it professionally.

Check me out.  Send me an email.  Let’s create something.



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These two projects are very close to my heart as they keep me creating, dreaming, and laughing.  I’m so excited to have the opportunity to bring you into the whirlwind and laughter of it all.  Cheers!