Elizabeth Braun

Thanks for watching me on The Vampire Diaries!


Hey guys!  Just wanted to quickly give a BIG BLOODY THANK YOU to all of you for watching my CW debut on The Vampire Diaries!  I really appreciate all the love – your sweet messages on Facebook and Twitter are greatly appreciated.  So… THANK YOU!

And as for the rest of you… those of you who missed it – HOW COULD YOU?!

No, I’m kidding.  Honestly, I completely understand.  You’re not all in the target demographic and The Vampire Diaries isn’t for everyone.  I mean, my parents didn’t even watch it.  I’m serious, they really didn’t.  Can you believe that?!  I guess you’ve made it when your parents aren’t even interested in seeing you on network TV anymore… so I should probably just take it as a compliment. (Apparently there was some issue with Time Warner Cable that day…. okay, surrre.)  BUT, for those of you who missed it and do actually love me – there’s still hope!

The Vampire Diaries ep 17 “I Went to the Woods” is now streaming on Hulu!

If you missed the episode (or are dying to channel your inner 14 year-old girl and watch it again), no worries!  You can catch me on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES episode 17 “I Went To The Woods” for free here on The CW website (look under “latest episodes”) and you can also find it now streaming on Hulu as well… my scenes happen about a third of the way in.

AND for the quick Cliff Notes version, you can check out my edited scenes here!

And if you’re not interested in seeing any of it but want to successfully fake like you did… check out the Press Release that went out here!

Otherwise, the basic gist is this… 

I play an unlucky waitress in a southern roadhouse barbecue joint who falls victim to a sadistic vampire who “compels” my character to wait on him and offer “refills” from my wrist… he later sucks blood from my neck and eventually drains me completely.  And as if that wasn’t disturbing enough, he then “dances” with my lifeless body – flinging and dipping me around – and then throws me to the ground like a ragdoll.  Poor thing.  It’s a really horrible way to go… but hey, at least she’s not waiting tables anymore!

Thanks again for all the love and support!  More fun news to come!  Cheers!