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Fire In The Hole!  Bye Bye Blondie, Hello Red!

Same Actor, New Look… ditched my light locks for a fun, new red ‘do!  Debuting my new fall hair color: Auburn! Check it out!  I’ve been craving change for awhile now and am excited for all the new auburn roles to come!  Stay tuned for more pics and headshots!

Elizabeth Braun auburn hair

Interview: Actress Elizabeth Braun Dishes About Working on ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Got some press!  Check out this fun interview I did with TV.com about my experience working on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES!  Give it a read, post a comment, and share it!  Read the whole interview here!

Elizabeth Braun on The Vampire Diaries

Actress ELIZABETH BRAUN to Appear on The CW’s Supernatural Drama ‘THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’

Actress ELIZABETH BRAUN will appear in an all-new episode of The CW’s wildly-popular supernatural drama series, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, on Friday, April 8th.


The Vampire Diaries takes place in Mystic Falls, Virginia, a fictional small town haunted and surrounded by supernatural beings such as vampires, werewolves and witches. Season seven finds vampire brothers Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)  at odds with one another while future flash-forwards offer glimpses of a horrific supernatural threat with profound consequences for Mystic Falls. Braun joins this bloody-thirsty tale in the upcoming episode, “I Went to the Woods”.  (Read More!)

Same Actor, New Name… Meet Elizabeth Braun!

It’s officially official… I have officially changed my professional name from “Elizabeth Lauren Hoffman” to “Elizabeth Braun”.  No one panic.  Everything is gonna be okay.  It’s still me! After a year and a half of procrastination, I finally changed my legal name to “Elizabeth Braun”.  Now in case you’re wondering… I had originally planned on keeping my professional name as “Elizabeth Lauren Hoffman” because I liked the idea of keeping some anonymity but mostly because I’ve worked my ass off and didn’t want to have to reintroduce myself to the world.  But then I realized how exhausting it was to have two names.  I mean, try going through security on your way to an audition at the Fox lot with an I.D. that says one thing and a headshot that says something else.  So… I bit the bullet, bought the domain, and changed my name… or at least my IMDb was updated so there’s really no going back.  (Read More!)

Let’s Get Soapy.

Watch Elizabeth Braun on ME, MYSELF & MOI on Funny Or Die – catch the whole first season!  Vote “FUNNY” and give it a “Like” and share it with your friends!  (I mean, I made it for you so it’s the least you can do right?)  If you appreciate mustaches and my weird sense of humor, then you’ll probably dig it.  It’s over the top and some of my best-worst acting ever… a true labor of love.  And for you fellow tech geeks, we shot the whole thing on my iPhone.  #Boom.

ME, MYSELF & MOI is an absurd and unapologetic soap opera about the passionate lives of Me, Myself and Moi: three separate parts of a whole bound together by fate in a world full of torrid love triangles, dark secrets, and melodramatic narcissism. This David Lynch esque daytime drama irreverently explores self-deception, self-love, self-discovery and answers the question: “What was that?”

Rocking out on RAINBOW BRITE!

Hallmark’s video-on-demand service, Feelnhas revived the much loved 80s cartoon “Rainbow Brite” and given her a fresh, new look.  The new “Rainbow Brite” features Emily Osment as Rainbow and Molly Ringwald as Dark Princess (who we meet in episode two).  And… Guess whose singing lead vocals on the new Rainbow Brite theme song?! ME!  Yay!  Everyone celebrate!  Learn more here…


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Hi, I’m Elizabeth Braun (formerly known as Elizabeth Lauren Hoffman).  I’m an actor.  I’m really into yoga and improv.  I’m a dog lover and an occasional smart ass.  I love singing.  I play the ukulele and am learning the guitar.  I love homemade gluten free pizza because it’s delicious and you can eat the whole thing.  I’m a self-help book junkie.  (Brene Brown is ah-mah-zing.)  I laugh at my own jokes and am not ashamed.  I currently live in DTLA (before it was cool) and have a Maltese named Gabby who’s really a ninja.  I’m extremely competitive when it comes to team sports and trivia games… I’m lethal at Ellen’s “Heads Up!” app and flip cup.  Otherwise I’m pretty mellow about “the things that matter in life” and am all about living in the moment.  I believe we can have it all.  It’s all possible.  I love my life.  I love you.

I graduated from USC with degrees in Theatre Acting & Communications in the Entertainment Industry (with an accidental almost minor in Russian Lit because I’m a big nerd for all things tragically romantic).  I had conservatory training at BADA in London, scene study with Howard Fine, and Improv at The Second City and UCB.  My origin is musical theater.  Study voice with Rachael Lawrence and Seth Riggs.  Worked with Tony Award winner Jason Robert Brown and icons including: Jason Alexander, Marilu Henner, Gary Sinese, Barry Levinson, and the late Blake Edwards…  Click here to learn all my dark & dirty secrets… you know you want to.

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